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Anyone who read a newspaper, watched TV news, listened to the radio or was online last week would have seen that Apple was named the coolest brand in a list compiled by CoolBrands’ expert panel (and a survey of 3,000 … Continue reading

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Tru dat: Ruth Barnett sums up Twitter

Excellent description of Twitter by Sky News’ Ruth Barnett: “Twitter has become an outrage echo chamber, escalating the smallest misdemeanour into a full-blown crisis.”

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Image of the day

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‘Unfriend trend’ picking up pace

Looks like the trend for unfriending and unfollowing is picking up pace with a recent article in the Evening Standard. I’m sure it will be on many people’s New Year Resolution lists at the end of the year.

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Not TNBT: Quora

And here’s the opposite side of the argument. From Mashable. Why Quora Will Never Be as Big as Twitter

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TNBT: Quora

Quora’s being tipped as ‘tnbt’ – the Telegraph is even saying that it will be ‘bigger than Twitter’. I’ve just signed up (using my Twitter connections) and am not sure what it is or what to do with it.

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