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Food fad: dishwasher cooking

Cooking food in a dishwasher is an actual thing (!). Lisa Casali, an Italian food writer has published cookbook called “Cucinare in lavastoviglie” / “Cooking in the dishwasher” and posted videos of the technique online. Apparently, there are lots of other … Continue reading

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TNBT: Good cake gone bad

Forget girly cupcakes, pink swirly frosting, dainty little macaroons, whoopie pies, childish cake pops and the rest of those innocent sweet home baked goods… it’s all about GOOD CAKE GONE BAD. Sponge cake? Chuck in a can of Coke. (See … Continue reading

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Future food fad? Fizzy ‘pop’ cakes

So, we’ve had cake pops. Could ‘pop’ cakes be TNBT? I made a Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake today, which was as good as it sounds. The recipe said 250ml of Coke, but I think it needs more. You can’t really taste … Continue reading

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