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Food fad: edible flowers

Edible flowers keep popping up (around London, obvs) – enough to make it a bit of a food fad at the moment. Interesting piece on the Guardian’s website which looks at historical flower-eating.┬áThis is great starting point that helps put … Continue reading

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Food fad: potato parties

This one needs to be filed under ‘That sh#t cray’. Kids in Japan have started a fad called ‘potato parties’ where they buy a huge amount of fries in McDonald’s, tip them onto trays and then gorge themselves on the … Continue reading

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Food fad: pie pops

Cake, I understand. But pie? I never feel like ‘a bite of pie’ (this isn’t even bite-size!). The whole point of pie is that it’s a pie. It’s wholesome and filling. I disagree with Luxirare, who doesn’t want a whole … Continue reading

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TNBT: South American food

You’re halfway through your burrito and the next food fad has already come along. According to today’s Independent on Sunday, TNBT is set to be South American food, with restaurant openings and supermarkets eyeing up ingredients from the continent for … Continue reading

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