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Food news: non-melting chocolate and superfood burgers

Two great food innovation stories on The Grocer’s website at the moment: Chocolate that doesn’t melt Cadbury/Mondelez invited journalists to a really hot room to see and try their chocolate which doesn’t melt at 35 degrees C. Apparently, it tastes … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Alchemist

Chocolate Week (8-14 October) has come early for coffee.paper.trend with the arrival of this amazing delivery from The Chocolate Alchemist! The new mini bar range has some great flavour combos like White Chocolate with Spiced Cookie Cappuccino, Milk Chocolate with … Continue reading

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Customisable chocolate

Sweet Play by Elsa Lambinet allows you to create your own customised chocolate – select chocolate, inner filling and topping. I don’t think it’s a fully fledged company or owt, but I’m sure it will have some big backers soon. … Continue reading

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Food trend: Chocolate + savoury

Chocolate combined with something savoury has been around for a little while (e.g. chocolate milkshake and fries, as a colleague pointed out to me…) and got a big boost from Barack Obama’s love of salted caramel. @JeromeFoucart told me about … Continue reading

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whodathunkit: chocolate mashed potato cupcakes

First we had meat cupcakes (which weren’t really cupcakes). Now, there’s chocolate mashed potato cupcakes. With a chocolate dipped crisp on top. I like the sound of this. Trendhunter – Chocolate mashed potato cupcakes

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TNBT: ‘deconstructed’ cupcakes and multi-taste desserts

Another great food trend article from the Independent. Apparently, TNBT in cakes is unusual twists on the traditional cupcake. “Cupcakes, the ubiquitous dessert popular for being a portable, indulgence in cake and icing form, are now being set aflame, dipped … Continue reading

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