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The Cake & Bake Show – Manchester, 6 April 2013

The Cake & Bake Show came up north! After the much-anticipated event in London last year, the massive demand for cakeage and bakeage has led to there being two events this year. I was lucky enough to get tickets, courtesy … Continue reading

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The Cake and Bake Show comes to Manchester!

Whoop freakin’ whoop!* The Cake & Bake Show is back!* And it’s coming to Manchester!* The most exciting event of 2012 took place in London and is now coming up north for its second outing. The London show sold out … Continue reading

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World’s tallest cake made in shopping centre in Luoyang, China (Guinness World Record)

8 metres tall 8 layers Weighs 8,000kg 500kg of eggs 260kg of flour 200kg of cream 100kg of fruit 80kg of chocolate 20 chefs More than 24 hours Shared out amongst 3,000 people

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Food fad: Milk Bars

Viral Swagger calls it the “Stupidest Trend Ever“, but I’m interested to see how ‘milk bars’ take off in America. There’s a couple of recent openings in New York, but we’ll have to watch this space to see if they … Continue reading

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TNBT: Good cake gone bad

Forget girly cupcakes, pink swirly frosting, dainty little macaroons, whoopie pies, childish cake pops and the rest of those innocent sweet home baked goods… it’s all about GOOD CAKE GONE BAD. Sponge cake? Chuck in a can of Coke. (See … Continue reading

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Future food fad? Fizzy ‘pop’ cakes

So, we’ve had cake pops. Could ‘pop’ cakes be TNBT? I made a Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake today, which was as good as it sounds. The recipe said 250ml of Coke, but I think it needs more. You can’t really taste … Continue reading

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