Upcycle/repurpose: telephone booth aquarium, ski gondola vending machine and lots of suitcases

I love stuff that is upcycled/repurposed.

Upcycling is where you take something old/useless and give it a new use/make it look amazing/different.

Here’s a great example I’ve just spotted:

Telephone booth aquarium

Benetto Bufalino (an installation artist) and Benoit Deseille (a lighting designer) have upcycled phone booths into aquariums(!!!). They’ve been on show at festivals across Europe, including the Lumiere Festival in Durham last month.

Amazing. Beautiful. Clever.

Telephone booth 1 Telephone booth 2

Remember the ski gondola vending machine?ski gondola vending machine

There’s loads of cool stuff being done with suitcases too (these are some of my favourites – old suitcases are ace). I want a suitcase chair.

Suitcases - The California



Suitcases Suitcase 2 Suitcase 1 Suitcase 3 Suitcase 4 Suitcase 5

Suitcase 6

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Wearable tech: Smarty Ring

The latest in what will be a long line of wearable technology is the Smarty smart ring.

Chennai-based Ashok Kumar wanted to raise $40,000 through Indiegogo for his Smarty Ring product and he’s already raised more than $300,000.

Smarty Ring

The stainless steel ring connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth (and an Android/iOS app) and lights up every time the wearer has a notification – anything from Facebook posts to emails and calls. It can be used as a remote control, make phone calls and control music. It also has a clever (or annoying…?) anti-theft feature which sounds an alarm if the phone is more than 30 feet away from the ring.

The ring is 13mm wide and features a built-in, curved LED screen.

Read about other bits of wearable tech here: https://coffeepapertrend.wordpress.com/?s=wearable%2C+technology

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Bubble tea >> bubble latte

We’ve seen lots on bubble tea already (first mentioned here in June 2011) and now the next step looks like it could be bubble latte.

Arla’s Bubble Latte has been very successful in Denmark and will be sold across Scandinavia in 2014. Coming to the UK soon?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While we’re talking bubbles, COOBO is the world’s only bottled bubble drink. (Look out for it in Harrod’s). This new product in their range is a Rooibos and strawberry flavour tea with strawberry bubbles. Looks/sounds good!


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Brazilian flavours (BRICKwatch)

Lucozade and WKD are first off the blocks with some limited edition flavours to tap into the World Cup next year.

Lucozade is launching two new flavours.

Lucozade Energy: The Brazilian – mango & mandarin – out on 20 December.

Lucozade Sport: Brazilian Guava – out on 6 January.


WKD is launching WKD Brazilian – available from January to September.

Lucozade Brazilian

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TBT: teddy bear trend

Teddy bears are having a moment right now (*puzzled face*). [One for the ladies, it seems.]

Firstly – fashion. Apparently, teddy bear coats (exactly as they sound – big, furry coats) are in, with stars like Kim Kardashian and Alexa Chung being spotted in them.

KK teddy

Next, there’s makeup, with the launch of a makeup brush (from a brand called Too Faced) made from teddy bear hair (what?). It’s due out in February 2014. Great promo pic!

Teddy bear brush

Over to wellbeing now. A study has found that cuddling a teddy bear “can soothe existential fears” – word? Apparently, it can help people with low self-esteem confront their own mortality. What does that even mean?

Smiling Man Sleeping with Teddy Bear in His Arms

And how about this Ab Fab teddy bear version of Patsy Stone designed by Joanna Lumley herself?

Ab Fab plushOh, and 2.5 million British teddy bears have their own social media profiles…

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2014: Brazil (BRICKwatch)

Mintel’s 2014 shopping trends for food, drink and grocery have been revealed and top of the list is the influence of Brazil (as predicted by coffee.paper.trend in October 2012).

Look out for it in everything from food to fashion.

Here’s the full article on Food Manufacture.


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The California hotel (London) reception desk

The California


How cool is this?!

Photo taken by Gilles Devos, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Dominican (Brussels)

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