Sweet Karma – sweet samosas

Ever had a samosa? Yes, of course you have.

Ever had a sweet samosa? Err, what?

There’s plenty of standard desserts out there that we all know, but a new product that twists a savoury dish into a dessert really caught my eye.

Introducing sweet samosas, a new snack/dessert from Neeta Mehta, the founder of Sweet Karma. Neeta sent me one of each variety to try and I’ve had them in the freezer for a few months. Finally, I decided to make them on a Sunday afternoon when family came over. They are perfect for when you want to try/offer something different (and can’t be bothered baking!). I thought they’d be a bit of a novelty thing, but they seemed popular enough to want to get more – as a light dessert, maybe.

We made all four flavours: dark chocolate, raspberry, mango and apple & cinnamon.

The two favourites were dark chocolate – my 14 year-old nephew loved this one and my sister said it tasted like good quality chocolate – and mango (which had a nice flavour, not too sweet or overpowering). The pastry was really nice, crisp and light and there was just enough filling to make it not too sickly.

Just one thing to note: Anyone who’s ever made proper Indian samosas before will instinctively want to fry these. (They look the same, right?) DON’T! They need to be baked. Trust me, they go horribly wrong if fried.

Details of where you can buy Sweet Karma samosas will be posted here soon!

Sweet Karma Sweet Karma

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