Food fads: back to basics

Vinegar is set to be a big food trend this year – everything from gourmet fancy flavours to trying it on different foods. Vinegar bars are a thing, offering ‘vinegar microbrews’. The next step in the general pickling trend?

Hot chocolate is back and better than before, with the focus on good quality chocolate and knowing where your cocoa beans are from.

According to The Times, hot chocolate is the new skinny latte. There’s some amazing sounding concoctions happening in America, whilst things are being stripped down, with a focus on quality, here in the UK.

America: peanut butter hot chocolate (SOUNDS GOOD!), pairing gourmet marshmallows (a TNBT on coffee.paper.trend back in 2011) with your hot chocolate and one New York bar selling salted tequila hot chocolate with honey, molasses and vanilla.


UK (well, London, obvs): renowned chocaltier Paul A Young serving up the good stuff at his chocolate shops, William Curley, whose hot chocolate sales have now overtaken coffee sales, and Choccwoccydoodah’s white chocolate drink with pink marshmallows and cream. [White chocolate – yuck]


Did you know…? When chocolate first arrived in Britain, in the mid-17th century, there was a bit of a craze for hot chocolate, with chocolate houses popping up around the capital. Bring them back, I say.


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