One to watch: camel milk

Coffee made with camel milk will go on sale at Taylor House Baristas tomorrow. It’s part of a fundraising campaign for Farm Africa, the agricultural development charity.

The camel milk comes from Emirates Industry for Camel & Milk & Products (EICMP), which supplies camel milk under the Camelicious brand.

Camel milk contains around half the fat of cow’s milk and up to five times as much vitamin C!

In October 2011, Ginger’s Comfort Emporium started selling ice cream made using camel milk. In the UAE, you can ask for camel milk instead of cow milk in your coffee and in East Africa, camel milkshakes and other camel milk products have become very popular.

I had a camelcino in Abu Dhabi – it was pretty nice!

Camel milk


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3 Responses to One to watch: camel milk

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of human consumption of camel milk. I will have to keep a watch for this product entering the Australian market.

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