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Food fads: back to basics

Vinegar is set to be a big food trend this year – everything from gourmet fancy flavours to trying it on different foods. Vinegar bars are a thing, offering ‘vinegar microbrews’. The next step in the general pickling trend? Hot … Continue reading

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Sweet Karma – sweet samosas

Ever had a samosa? Yes, of course you have. Ever had a sweet samosa? Err, what? There’s plenty of standard desserts out there that we all know, but a new product that twists a savoury dish into a dessert really … Continue reading

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Waterproof MP3 player vending machine

Waterproof MP3 players. In water-filled bottles. In a vending machine.  Great idea from Sony to promote the launch of its waterproof  MP3 player – selling them in vending machines at swimming pools and gyms, packaged inside water bottles filled with … Continue reading

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One to watch: camel milk

Coffee made with camel milk will go on sale at Taylor House Baristas tomorrow. It’s part of a fundraising campaign for Farm Africa, the agricultural development charity. The camel milk comes from Emirates Industry for Camel & Milk & Products … Continue reading

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