2014 food trends

Insects, chicken and waffles, the explosion of street food and of course, the cronut. There were all sorts of food fads and trends in 2013. Here are coffee.paper.trend’s ones to watch for 2014:

3D printed food will get a step closer to being part of the kitchen of the future with the launch of Foodini, a 3D (obvs) food printer, in the summer, available for £850. The ingredients come in food capsules (think ink cartridges) and are squeezed out of nozzles in sequences to build up layers. Sounds weird/looks good.

Edible rice paper QR codes on sushi that tell you where your fish was hooked, how sustainable the stocks are and even the faces of the fishermen that caught it. Harney Sushi in California is leading the way. Props to them for still believing in QR codes…

(There’s also food tattoos for fruit and veg which can safely add logos, QR codes, important information, etc)

Edible QR code at Harney Sushi

Food tattooVegefication.

Kale ice lollies and carrot yoghurt are just two examples of typically sweet things that are being given a savoury twist with vegetable flavours instead of fruit/sweet flavours.

Green Wave Smoothie Pops

Blue Hill Yogurt is an American company offering flavours like carrot, tomato and beet(root). Can’t be long before we see savoury yoghurts in the UK.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back to the earth.

Edible soil is already a thing, but edible wood is one to watch for the future.


US-style, Spanish-style, Iranian -style, it’s all about BBQ in 2014.


First mentioned on this blog in June 2012, I keep seeing guarana everywhere these days, from a hot guarana drink (alternative to coffee) to beauty products.


Chia / Chia Pods(C)

I came across chia back in March 2012 when regulations preventing the superfood seed being used as ingredient were lifted. Chia is rich in omega 3, protein, minerals and antioxidants and has loads of other health benefits. Chia Pods(C) contain chia seeds mixed with coconut yogurt and fruit. These sound/look really good.

Blueberry chia pod

Twisted burritos.

Mmmmm. Try these for starters:

Toasted Korean burritos at Kimchinary (all with kimchi fried rice, cheddar, gochujang special sauce, pickled coleslaw, spring onion sour cream),  Burrito Mama with it’s “crunchy slaw” and Wrapchic’s India burritos (mutton Madrasi wrap, for example).


Nuage cakes.

Popular in France, nuage (meaning cloud) cakes are meringue with layers of whipped cream on top and underneath, dusted with flavoured chocolate shavings, Nuage flavours include almond, coconut, passion fruit, mango and red velvet.

Latin American/South American cuisine.

It’s been mentioned a few times over the last few years (see post from October 2011), but Latin/South American food is becoming popular. The World Cup will give this a big boost.

Wash your hands and get ready.

Here’s an infographic from thefoodpeople.


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