Upcycle/repurpose: telephone booth aquarium, ski gondola vending machine and lots of suitcases

I love stuff that is upcycled/repurposed.

Upcycling is where you take something old/useless and give it a new use/make it look amazing/different.

Here’s a great example I’ve just spotted:

Telephone booth aquarium

Benetto Bufalino (an installation artist) and Benoit Deseille (a lighting designer) have upcycled phone booths into aquariums(!!!). They’ve been on show at festivals across Europe, including the Lumiere Festival in Durham last month.

Amazing. Beautiful. Clever.

Telephone booth 1 Telephone booth 2

Remember the ski gondola vending machine?ski gondola vending machine

There’s loads of cool stuff being done with suitcases too (these are some of my favourites – old suitcases are ace). I want a suitcase chair.

Suitcases - The California



Suitcases Suitcase 2 Suitcase 1 Suitcase 3 Suitcase 4 Suitcase 5

Suitcase 6

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