TBT: teddy bear trend

Teddy bears are having a moment right now (*puzzled face*). [One for the ladies, it seems.]

Firstly – fashion. Apparently, teddy bear coats (exactly as they sound – big, furry coats) are in, with stars like Kim Kardashian and Alexa Chung being spotted in them.

KK teddy

Next, there’s makeup, with the launch of a makeup brush (from a brand called Too Faced) made from teddy bear hair (what?). It’s due out in February 2014. Great promo pic!

Teddy bear brush

Over to wellbeing now. A study has found that cuddling a teddy bear “can soothe existential fears” – word? Apparently, it can help people with low self-esteem confront their own mortality. What does that even mean?

Smiling Man Sleeping with Teddy Bear in His Arms

And how about this Ab Fab teddy bear version of Patsy Stone designed by Joanna Lumley herself?

Ab Fab plushOh, and 2.5 million British teddy bears have their own social media profiles…

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