One to watch: Rotimatic

Rotis, the humble staple of the Indian diet, eaten by generations, could be entering a major new revolutionary stage. They’ve been lovingly made by hand for basically forever – a time-consuming, technical process that women in India have practiced and perfected and passed on to their daughters. And now… a company called Zimplistic has invented the Rotimatic, a machine that basically makes rotis. Amazing, but sad as well. (I thought this was a joke at first)

Fresh, handmade rotis are a simple pleasure and the perfect accompaniment to most Indian meals. The handmade quality, with each roti being similar in size but not quite perfect, just can’t be replicated by a machine.

I understand how Mrs Patmore (Downtown Abbey) feels every time a new contraption is introduced into her kitchen.

That’s my opinion anyway.

The young Asian women of the world, however, seems to want the Rotimatic! Two female friends, both married with a young child, think this could change Indian family meals forever.


I agree that there is definitely potential for the Rotimatic to be one of the most important inventions for India, a recognition of the changing role of women. Women are more likely to work outside the home now. They also want kids and a to keep their families fed and happy, etc. Making rotis is a time-consuming task, that has consequences if it goes wrong. It must seem like a faff too, when you’ve got loads of other things to do.

Rotimatic 2


It would be a shame for this basic cooking skill to be lost, but I think that is a few generations away yet. Well, I hope so anyway.

TNBT? Poss. One to watch? Deffo.

Thanks to Shenaz and Rubina for the spot.

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