Food news: non-melting chocolate and superfood burgers

Two great food innovation stories on The Grocer’s website at the moment:

Chocolate that doesn’t melt

Cadbury/Mondelez invited journalists to a really hot room to see and try their chocolate which doesn’t melt at 35 degrees C. Apparently, it tastes just like a ‘normal’ bar, too. As suggested in the article, this could be big news for chocolate brands in hot countries like Nigeria and India, where products like this just melt and go mushy. However, the power of the big brands could be huge in places like this. Watch this space.

(Key person: Bharat Puri, head of global chocolate at Mondelez)


Superfood burger

Speyside Specialities is launching The Original Powerfood Range – a range of beefburgers with superfood ingredients.

There are six burgers in the range: The Seeded One, Steak & Oat, Fiery Bean Burger, Very Berry Burger, Herb & Garlic Burger and Basic Steak Burger.

The Seeded One contains uber-nutritious stuff like chia seeds (Chia seeds – the next big superfood – March 2012), hemp seeds and crushed pumpkin seeds.

Superfood burger

The burgers are currently available to order on the Speyside Specialities Facebook page, but are being pitched to supermarkets… so might be available next summer.

One to watch.

(Request to all halal meat companies: please make something like this)


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