3D printing: ASDA brings it (to the masses)

Props to ASDA for giving peeps the chance to use a 3D printer without having to fork out £1,500 for one. Still pretty expensive (and limited?), but as with a lot of technology, it should just get cheaper and more compact.

To have a mini sculpture of yourself made (why would you want to…?), you step into a scanner where two measures take loads of pics and work out your measurements. Then, this creates a model on the computer, which is then printed by the 3D printer – as layers of ceramic. The final model can be made in white, full colour or bronze.

Asda in-store 3D printing

ASDA is the first UK supermarket to offer this servuce AND it’s currently being trialled in their York store (i.e. not in London)! Nice one, ASDA.

Quite likely that there will come a day when a 3D printer will be a standard piece of kit in most homes #future.

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