Just spotted this on Mail Online: the iKettle.

Firebox.com is selling a kettle that you can switch on using your phone! The iKettle can be turned on from the comfort of your bed/sofa/etc using an app.

It’s a 1.8 litre kettle with different temperature settings (“hot, but not boiling”!) which can be turned on from anywhere in the house. The app can even be used as an alarm clock to wake you up, asking you if you want to switch the kettle on.


It even keeps the water warm until you’re ready to use it, has an automatic shut-off and a function to prevent it heating up when empty. CLEVS.


Perfect for TV ad break – switch it on a couple of minutes before the break and your water will be boiling by the time you get up to make a brew.

Props to the Firebox PR team for selling the story as an exclusive to the world’s most-read newspaper website and the perfect cold weather/Christmas timing.

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1 Response to iKettle

  1. raidahm says:

    Reblogged this on Keep Calm and Go Shopping and commented:
    I really want to buy this! Especially since I love drinking tea in the morning.

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