Frozen fruit tea cubes

University College Birmingham student Sumaiyah Patel (studying culinary arts) has come up with a great idea – frozen fruit tea cubes!

It’s her entry to a British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) competition designed to demonstrate the potential of frozen within the premium food category and to find a new frozen product that could be launched in the UK. Iceland Foods has already expressed an interest and Sumaiyah will be pitching the idea to other retailers.


She came up with the concept after being disappointed with the herbal teas currently available, which she says are “artifical and tasteless”.

Sumaiyah’s frozen tea cubes contain freshly frozen fruits and herbs and come in four flavours (all sound really nice):

  • raspberry and vanilla
  • peach mandarin
  • passion fruit
  • lemon grass and ginger

They are suitable for both consumers and foodservice outlets. You just put one of the one-inch square ice cubes into a cup and add hot water.

Sumaiyah explains, “My frozen tea cubes give a burst of flavour, and are a tastier and more natural product. Being frozen, they not only lock the flavour in, but also stay fresher for longer.”

Brian Young, director general of British Frozen Food Federation said: “Sumaiyah’s iced tea cubes are pure genius. She has taken an old staid product which has existed for hundreds of years, and transformed it into a fresh and flavoursome concept.

“The process of freezing of her fruit and herb tea cubes is acting as a natural preservative. It means that consumers will taste them at the peak of their ripeness and quality. This brilliance of flavour would be impossible with dried.

“We hope to see her premium teas in foodservice establishments and on retailer shelves very shortly – and hope that the public will love these fresh and tasty products.”

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