I’m unliking your twerk selfie as I rub my food baby

Great coverage for the Oxford English Dictionary, with the news that words like selfie, twerk, street food and geek chic have made it into the online dictionary. This list is always a good zeitgeist measure, but the Daily Telegraph has a piece by a young woman who says young people don’t speak like this.

Then again, new words are usually chosen based on increased usage, so hard to argue with it.

I’m really glad that digital detox has made it onto the list, too.

Twerk(ing) is having a massive moment right now, thanks to Miley Cyrus, butt Timbaland and hip hop brought this in years ago.

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2 Responses to I’m unliking your twerk selfie as I rub my food baby

  1. The full list of words is: apols, A/W, babymoon, balayage, bitcoin, blondie, buzzworthy, BYOD, cake pop, chandelier earring, click and collect, dappy, derp, digital detox, double denim, emoji, fauxhawk, FIL, flatform, FOMO, food baby, geek chic, girl crush, grats, guac, hackerspace, Internet of things, jorts, LDR, me time, MOOC, omnishambles, pear cider, phablet, pixie cut, selfie, space tourism, squee, srsly, street food, TL;DR, twerk and unlike.

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