Food fad: dishwasher cooking

Cooking food in a dishwasher is an actual thing (!).

Lisa Casali, an Italian food writer has published cookbook called “Cucinare in lavastoviglie” / “Cooking in the dishwasher” and posted videos of the technique online. Apparently, there are lots of other people getting involved and posting their own videos and recipes. Seriously.

Dishwasher cooking

Technically, a dishwasher is similar to an oven in terms of the heat generated and there seem to be two main methods of dishwasher cooking.

Clean – use a clean, empty dishwasher, without any dishwasher tablets, so it is purely for cooking.

Environmentally friendly – wash your dishes as you would normally and stick in an airtight sealed container containing the food you want to cook at the same tight. The container would protect it from the dirt and soap.

The best food to cook in the dishwasher seems to be fish. Wrap it in some foil, stick it on a standard wash and voila! Fishwasher Supreme.

Would you?

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3 Responses to Food fad: dishwasher cooking

  1. I am tempted to try this. My immediate reaction was to ridicule the idea but after a little thought I reckon if it works it is a great way to get the best from precious resources.

    • I’m the same. Seemed crazy for a few seconds, but major props for the innovation/clever use of an appliance/resource.
      Interesting! Would be great to read about your experience if you try it.

      • I mentioned this to my sister who tells me she saw an alarming photo of someone who ruined their dishwasher.

        I am therefore planning some research before I shove some fish in a bag and leave it in there – which was as much planning as I was going to do. I will let you know.

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