Edible packaging: Wikipearl(TM)

First we had Bob’s burgers with their edible wrappers and now WikiBar in Paris has taken the edible packaging idea to the next level with a selection of really tasty sounding items. The WikiPearl(TM) yoghurts, cheeses and ice creams come in edible (and biodegradable) packaging. Here are the ice cream options:

  • Coconut skin with a heart of mango ice cream
  • Hazelnut skin with a heart of chocolate ice cream
  • Peanut skin with a heart of vanilla ice cream

The ‘no-spoon yoghurt’ and ‘cheese cubes without the foil’ flavours are tbc, but the pictures look really good.

The wrappings are biodegradable but designed to be eaten along with the product inside.

The WikiPearl website is pretty cool too.

If I was going to Paris, a visit to The Lab Store/WikiBar would be at the top of my to-do list.

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