Alef magazine

Wow – anyone who loves the Arabic script or has an interest in Middle Eastern art/culture needs to check out Alef magazine.

Culture, creativity and innovation from the Gulf region

Launched today at the Serpentine Gallery in London

Published in Doha, bi-monthly in English and Arabic (see pics below)

Issue 1 includes: portrait of airline pilot-turned-musician Saoud Jassim, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Khalid Shafar (designer) and the green Passivhaus project in Qatar.

Available at newstands and independent newsagents around the world.

These spreads from the mag look ace.

Alef coverAlef 1 Alef 2 Alef 3

(c) Pics from Alef

A magazine worth subscribing for, I think.

Alef is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. The next two are ‘beh’ and teh’ – aleph, beh, teh = alphabet. The word alphabet is said to be from the Latin alpha and beta. Kaboom! 

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