One to watch: aquabiking

A bit of buzz around aquabiking/aqua cycling/underwater spinning/hydro spinning/aqua spinning at the moment, especially for trendy/faddy women in Paris (the idea seems to originate in France) and New York.

It’s an exercise class where you pedal a stationary bike underwater in a swimming pool. Sounds tiring!


The natural massage of the water stimulates the lymphatic system. It smooths your skin, burns cellulite and keeps up your cardio without damaging joints,” says Aqua Studio owner Esther Gaulthier.

For those who have injuries, the bikes provide a benefit. There is less pressure on the joints; the massaging action of the water helps circulate the lactic acid through the body so there is a quicker recovery time. Your heart rate, compared to traditional land exercises, is reduced 10 to 15 beats per minute in the water so you can work out harder and longer,” says Nikki Sarrette, aquatic supervisor for El Paso Parks and Recreation Department.

Cool mashup of the aqua fitness trend [see aqua fitness trend post from January 2012] and sport of the moment, cycling (also see indoor cycling).

I haven’t found anywhere in North West England that does it, but if you happen to be in New York or Paris, go and try it:

New York: Aqua Studio in Tribeca is the only place that does it at the moment.

Paris: Le Maison Popincourt and Club Med

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