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One to watch: aquabiking

A bit of buzz around aquabiking/aqua cycling/underwater spinning/hydro spinning/aqua spinning at the moment, especially for trendy/faddy women in Paris (the idea seems to originate in France) and New York. It’s an exercise class where you pedal a stationary bike underwater … Continue reading

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Digital dementia

Interesting article on The Drum’s website today: Doctors warn of ‘digital dementia’ rise amongst tech users. This is where heavy tech users (e.g. people who use their smartphones for hours and hours), show an inability to remember everyday things like phone numbers. … Continue reading

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PR star: Jelly Belly

Great idea from Jelly Belly – a ‘deathmatch’ to get rid of the least popular flavour. There are so many ‘vote for your favourite flavour’, ‘bring back a flavour/brand’ and ‘invent a new flavour’ campaigns, so it’s refreshing to see … Continue reading

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#trendingtopic: North West

‘North West’ has been trending on Twitter. Not because everyone’s talking about the best region in England, but because Kimye have decided to call their baby ‘North’ (and will also call her ‘Nori’). Love it! Some of the best tweets: … Continue reading

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One to watch: Windcatcher

Windcatcher is an air bed that can be inflated, by mouth, in seconds. It is all down to the amazing, revolutionary technology that uses science very cleverly to amplify the air you breathe in to it, allowing you to inflate … Continue reading

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M.I.A. – Bring the Noize

She’s back

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Indian summer

It’s all about Indian influences in music at the moment. Indian sounds and entertainment are inspiring Western artists everywhere you look and listen. Somehow, it’s all coming together quite tightly and organically in this hot spell we’re having. Naughty Boy‘s … Continue reading

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