New street food trends

According to this great piece on street food trends on the Guardian website, here are TNBTs in street food:


Petit French gâteaux made with almond flour and egg whites, described as light, chewy and moist. There seem to be special friand moulds in some countries, but it might not be an authentic French tool. Another name is banquette moulds. ‘The next cupcake’, apparently (but we’ve heard this before!). Deffo one to try at home.

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Agua fresca

Literally translates as ‘fresh water’ and is popular in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Agua fresca is made from fruit/cereal/grains/seeds/etc combined sugar and water, making a refreshing colourful cold soft drink.

Chinampas is leading the way in the UK (based in Yorkshire). One of their flavours is Flor de Jamaica which is made using hibiscus (see edible flower fad/trend).

Looking forward to trying some!

Jian bang

Described by the Guardian as “soya milk pancake is cooked fresh to order, sprinkled with spring onion and coriander, brushed with hoisin sauce, chilli and soya bean paste, and folded around roasted duck or char siu honey roast pork. Topped with a fried wonton cracker“. Mei Mei’s Street Cart is the first to bring this Beijing street food to London.

Jian bang


Arepas are round cornbread patties from Venezuela, two fists big and the team stuff them with shredded beef, black beans, grated cheese, avocado and chicken. Just don’t forget the picante sauce.


Arepas 1


Smoked street food – great theatre and smells to draw a crowd. Check out this caravan fitted with a wood oven (Tinderbox).

Street food: Tinderbox

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