Foodies Festival: Tatton Park

I went to the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park (thanks to the organisers for the tickets!) to spot food trends, try lots of samples and get some new ideas. I wasn’t disappointed!

Trends: gourmet popcorn – check, fro-yo – check, salted caramel – check.

Exotic meat

The horsemeat scandal created good publicity for exotic meats, such as zebra and kangaroo, etc. Capitalising on this was Tucker’s Exotic Meat Shack:


Tucker’s seems to be one of the key suppliers of exotic meat for UK customers, if you fancy trying some.

Buffalo Farm was also at the Festival, serving up water buffalo.


Eye-catching/random social media activity from Ecover:

IMAG0284 IMAG0285

There were some beautifully kitted out street food trucks, too. I want one.

IMAG0254 IMAG0290 IMAG0282

The chorizo lollipops were a great idea for street food – balls of chorizo and mozzarella balls on a skewer – you can just about see one behind the pink cup in the pic above (would love to try a halal version of this!). I like the way they’ve created a new street food snack served in an innovative way.

Nice to see one of the stars of the street food scene, Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, in the flesh:

IMAG0286 IMAG0287

Here’s an earlier post about Ginger’s Comfort Emporium.

Catch a Foodies Festival near you this summer. Here are all the dates:

FF dates

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