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New street food trends

According to this great piece on street food trends on the Guardian website, here are TNBTs in street food: Friands Petit French gâteaux made with almond flour and egg whites, described as light, chewy and moist. There seem to be special … Continue reading

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JUNA juice – guanábana, lulo and mora

Juice flavours are all pretty standard now, so I was hyped to hear about some funky fresh new flavours – guanábana, lulo and mora – from Euro-Colombian startup JUNA. Available to buy at Waitrose (flagship store at Canada Square), Selfridges … Continue reading

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Food fad: edible flowers

Edible flowers keep popping up (around London, obvs) – enough to make it a bit of a food fad at the moment. Interesting piece on the Guardian’s website which looks at historical flower-eating. This is great starting point that helps put … Continue reading

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Foodies Festival: Tatton Park

I went to the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park (thanks to the organisers for the tickets!) to spot food trends, try lots of samples and get some new ideas. I wasn’t disappointed! Trends: gourmet popcorn – check, fro-yo – check, salted … Continue reading

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Whoa! Check this out. Fluteboxing is playing the flute and beat-boxing at the same time. Nathan Lee seems to be the don. Watch this:

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Wearable technology – Smart PJ’s

Smart PJ’s are pyjamas covered in colourful dots, which, when scanned with a particular app, tell bedtime stories on a smartphone or tablet. Clever use of technology, and an example of building momentum of the wearable technology trend, but what’s … Continue reading

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Lauryn Hill: Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)

New Lauryn Hill tune released just before her legal ruling (she’s going down for three months).

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The Next Big Thing – TentBlogger

The Next Big Thing – TentBlogger. >> Interesting/inspiring thoughts on TNBT.

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Indoor cycling studios: Jake Gyllenhaal at SoulCycle

Following my post about indoor cycling studios being TNBT, news from New York that Jake Gyllenhaal has helped SoulCycle sell out their classes after being spotted at one of their classes. Here’s the New York Daily News article. His star … Continue reading

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