Food news


Today’s Times has an article about Brits’ changing food habits, via Marks & Spencer. People used to eat pistachios with the shells on (prompting M&S to issue advice on leaflets) and things like king prawns and chicken Kiev were seen as too “risky” for the British palate. The article ends with two things to watch for in the future: miniaturised pears and the (very word mashable) “bubblegum flavoured” plums.

[Remember grango and papple?]

Chicken and waffles

Mail Online blog reports on New York food trend: “an amazing savoury-sweet combination of crispy fried chicken, fluffy waffles and rich maple syrup”.

Chicken + waffles = one to try.

Chicken and wafflesImage from Mail Online 

The Fried Chicken Shop 

Talking of fried chicken, The Fried Chicken Shop is coming back to Channel 4 with another three episodes, after the ‘one-off’ episode earlier this year (via the Guardian). 

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