Cool cycling stuff

I want a bike.

Cycle picnic


Cycle wheel


Enjoy those tasty starters?

Get ready for the main course…

Bike bars (or food bikes or street food cycles) could be TNBT. (Major trend spot by NKT. Props, bro.)

Food trucks are relatively established now, but food bikes (or food cart bikes, or food bike carts?) could offer entrepreneurs another way of getting their businesses up and running, with potentially much lower costs than a truck.

Check out this glowing bike bar (read more at Inhabitat).

Glowing bike bar

Refunc bike


This is an upcycled (!) bike bar from Refunc, designed to draw attention to an unused bike lane in Terni, Italy.

Trend equation/mashup:  cycling + food trucks = food cycle

And finally, for dessert, we have PediBus, available for hire in London.


Get a group of friends together and cycle around the city. Host an event, serve food/drink, etc, out in the open and get some exercise while you’re at it. Major multitasking.

See the Nando’s PediBus in action in this video:

Nando’s PediBus from Cheekyfire on Vimeo.

And here’s a similar idea in America.

Party Bike

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