If you happen to be in Zurich for the start of the cycling season, check out Velokafi.

Velokafi is a sort of drive-in café for cyclists, consisting of two wooden docking stations,  with table tops, which allow you to park your bike and use it as a seat on the outdoor terrace of the Rathaus Café

Anyone who checks in on Facebook gets a free cup of coffee.

Velokafi is part of Zurich council’s stadtverkehr 2025 initiative to improve the city’s infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, while cutting traffic levels. – sounds like a good afternoon.


© stadt zürich / photography: per kasch

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  1. Kieth U. Mccormick says:

    car owners have drive-ins, pedestrians have takeaways, and in zurich , cyclists can now make use of a velokafi. this temporary facility has been installed by the city council on the outdoor terrace of rathaus café – a prominent downtown watering hole situated along the limmat river – at the beginning of this year’s velosaison or cycling season. the velokafi facility consists of two specially designed wooden docking stations with a table top, and which are constructed as such that cyclists can park their bike and remain seated. anyone who checks in gets a cup of coffee, courtesy of rathaus café and coffee brand gipfelstürmer . the velokafi installation is part of the city council’s stadtverkehr 2025 program which aims to improve zurich’s infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists while reducing the motorised traffic flow [available through apr 13]. location: limmatquai 61 [ stadtzentrum ].

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