The Cake & Bake Show – Manchester, 6 April 2013

The Cake & Bake Show came up north!

After the much-anticipated event in London last year, the massive demand for cakeage and bakeage has led to there being two events this year.

I was lucky enough to get tickets, courtesy of the Show, and went to spot TNBTs and eat cake. I also met some GBBO contestants!

I was expecting trays of cakes being shoved at me and promo staff offering freebies at every stand, but this was not the case (possibly in the wrong place at the wrong time). There were lots of great stands for baking enthusiasts (obvs) and people looking for baking inspiration.

John Whaite was plugging his new book throughout the Sainsbury’s Competition Theatre, in which contestants from Great British Bake Off and Britain’s Best Bakery took part in bake offs. This was one of the best bits of the show – light entertainment and some faces off the telly. 


Cathryn Dresser has a new book containing kids’ recipes coming out and James Morton also has a book due out in the new year.

Other highlights include:

IMG_0268 IMG_0280 IMG_0273 IMG_0269

I spotted a couple interesting things, worth having a quick look at:

Pop-up cakes/Cake Push Pops/Cake Push Ups


Previously a TNBT on this blog:


Fudge + Truffle = Fuffle

More info coming soon…

Thanks to the organisers for the tickets!

And thank you to Lakeland for the Duo Colour Icing Kit in the press goodie bags!


The Cake & Bake Show 2013 Manchester

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