Fitness trend: indoor cycling studios

Cycling has become increasingly popular over the last 5 years or so and we know that spinning classes are very popular, too, but it looks like dedicated indoor cycling spaces could be TNBT in fitness.

Cyclebeat and Boom!Cycle are leading the way with studios in London, but watch this space for centres in other parts of the country. I can see why it would appeal to Londoners, but interested to see if it takes off elsewhere. If the weather continues to be as unpredictable/not cycling-friendly as it is now, I’m sure indoor cycling will be very appealing.

Boom!Cycle has things like disco nights and Cyclebeat is pretty high tech.

Cyclebeat disco-biking

Cycling indoors to music sounds like a good, fun workout. Looking forward to trying it out!

Read about the entrepreneurs behind Cyclebeat – they’re pitching for £20k investment from an entrepreneurship challenge organised by the Jewish Chronicle.

Thanks to Zeenet Quraishi for the spot.

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4 Responses to Fitness trend: indoor cycling studios

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  2. Great post! I teach indoor cycling and am always interested to hear how first timers like/dislike it. It can be intimidating if you’re watching it from the outside in, but once you get on the bike you can get really into it. Good luck in your class and keep us posted!

    • Thank you for your comment!
      I’ve never tried indoor cycling before, but am due to try it out later this month at Cyclebeat – can’t wait!

      Would be great to hear more about your experience as a teacher, how you got started, what you think of it as an upcoming trend, etc.

      (Looking forward to reading your blog – looks great!)

      • Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by!! I will post something like that for you about how I got started etc. It’s been a great experience. I look forward to reading your blog as well! Cheers 🙂

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