The Edible Bus Stop

(No, I thought that too, but it’s not actually a bus stop you can eat.)

The Edible Bus Stop is a community gardening scheme that aims to transform “neglected sites across London’s bus network into valuable community growing spaces”.

It’s been around for a little while, but coverage on ITV London last night is likely to have created a big demand for the scheme to be extended across over boroughs of London. Watch the video to find out more.

Soundbite: “pocket parks”.

Spotted by Chief TNBT spotter Nomaan Kashif Tariq, who adds:

“Only in London, but success [and publicity] could mean that it could spread across the country.

“A great idea for helping to build community cohesion: ‘Take something and give back something’. The example on the ITV London news was that of a woman who took some cabbage and two days later, she came back to water all the plants.”

Edible Bus Stop

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