One to watch: eating insects (2)

Back in May 2011, I posted about edible insects and it looks like there’s some momentum gathering with this future food trend.

The most appealing bit of news is Wahaca’s Chapulines fundido – a fried grasshopper dish that is available at its Southbank Experiment from today.

It sounds very nice…

“We take fried chapulines and cook them with softened shallots, garlic and smoky chipotle chillies to create a delicious salsa, which is served with queso fundido, a mixture of gratinated mozzarella and cheddar cheese, perfect for scooping up with corn tortillas.”

Chapulines fundido

As well as that, an edible insect festival called Pestival will take place in London in April/May. The Nordic Food Lab (the group behind Noma) will have a two-day pop-up restaurant as part of this. Next Monday (18 March), there’s a programme, fronted by Stefan Gates, called Can Eating Insects Save The World? on BBC FOUR.

Expect restaurants becoming a bit more experimental, especially around the time ‘I’m a Celeb’ is on TV…

Deffo one to watch.

[Are insects halal?]

Stefan Gates

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