TNBT: posh kebabs

We’ve had gourmet hotdogs and posh popcorn (‘poshcorn’?) and now kebabs are getting an upgrade. That’s according to food funkologist Heston Blumenthal in a piece for GQ:

“If I was going to predict what the next big thing should be, though, it would be a kebab. Not the post-pub thing – it should be a proper kebab where the pitta is made for you. You’d need to get a tandoor oven and the bread should be slapped on the side. There’s nothing like well-made light naan bread or roti when it is cooked fresh. You could have that with some meat (chicken, lamb or pork), again cooked in the tandoor so that it is slightly blackened and charred. All that, with a choice of different yoghurt-based sauces and veg… that would be a brilliant thing. I wonder who will do it first?”

I wonder, too.

I think we’re going to hear more about this one. Watch this (kebab-shaped) space.

Posh Kebab

The Posh Kebab arrives in Soho – Zagat (Check out Cinnamon Soho)

Picture from Zagat

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