Modern Middle Eastern Art #MMEA

The Light from the Middle East exhibition (free) at the V&A is well worth a look before it ends on 7 April.

I won’t go too deep, but it’s light from the Middle East, as opposed to on it, so expect some great images created by artists from the region itself. A fresh new line of images that take us away from the conventional things we’re used to seeing in terms of photos of the region taken by western journalists.

On a recent visit (in mid January) to the V&A with Nomaan Kashif Tariq, I discovered two refreshing Middle Eastern artists, Hassan Hajjaj و Walid Raad.

Hassan Hajjaj

Hajjaj lives in London and was born in Morocco.

Hassan Hajjaj 1 Hassan Hajjaj 2 Helen PJI

Hassan Hajjaj 4

Joe Casely-Hayford

Hassan Hajjaj 6

Pastel & MarcioArabic Coke cans (and other images) in the wooden frame around the main image. Fresh.

And are those Guarana Antarctica cans I see in the last image?

Walid Raad

Walid Raad 1

This one really caught my eye (and was more eye-catching/impressive in the flesh).

>>> The images shown here are pages from the notebooks of a fictional historian named Dr Fakhouri. This character kept a log of every car that was used as a car bomb during the Lebanese civil war (1975–90).

Walid Raad 2

What else?

If, like me, you like things like Arabic graffiti, check out this blog:

Fashion + Art from the Middle-East

(All images above belong to the artists)

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