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Fitness trend: indoor cycling studios

Cycling has become increasingly popular over the last 5 years or so and we know that spinning classes are very popular, too, but it looks like dedicated indoor cycling spaces could be TNBT in fitness. Cyclebeat and Boom!Cycle are leading the … Continue reading

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One to watch: Buttermilk fried chicken

Buttermilk fried chicken keeps popping up on blogs and in articles and seems like a ‘nicer’ sounding version of the fast food staple. With everything else, from hot dogs to burgers, getting gourmetfied, it looks like this is the posher … Continue reading

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Foodies Festival (plus win tickets!)

If you like food (who doesn’t?), you need to check out Foodies Festival – “the UK’s largest celebration of food and drink”. There are seven events planned for this year, each packed with brilliant features and attractions. Here’s the list for … Continue reading

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The Edible Bus Stop

(No, I thought that too, but it’s not actually a bus stop you can eat.) The Edible Bus Stop is a community gardening scheme that aims to transform “neglected sites across London’s bus network into valuable community growing spaces”. It’s … Continue reading

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“Why we need to invent new words” – G2 article by Andrew Kaufman

Life-affirming article by Andrew Kaufman in today’s G2 about neologism, word mashups and why it’s important/good to invent words. Keep the language alive, fresh and relevant but respect its roots. This article could change your life. Every sentence is … Continue reading

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#trendingtopic: Suit & Tie

“Suit & Tie” is currently trending and it seems to be down to this video. Tori Kelly has done a great acoustic version of the tune. Bounce.

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One to watch: eating insects (2)

Back in May 2011, I posted about edible insects and it looks like there’s some momentum gathering with this future food trend. The most appealing bit of news is Wahaca’s Chapulines fundido – a fried grasshopper dish that is available … Continue reading

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Food fad: potato parties

This one needs to be filed under ‘That sh#t cray’. Kids in Japan have started a fad called ‘potato parties’ where they buy a huge amount of fries in McDonald’s, tip them onto trays and then gorge themselves on the … Continue reading

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Hype tune: M.I.A’s Matangi Mixtape for Kenzo

M.I.A has “curated” an eight minute mixtape for Kenzo. Listen up. Can’t wait for the new album.

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Edible popcorn painting

Looks good. (Via Play Create Explore)

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