Raw horsemeat ice cream (Basashi Aisu)

UK consumers don’t want horsemeat in products that are presented as beef. They’re not too keen on the idea of eating horsemeat intentionally, either.

Some countries, like France, responded to the recent horsemeat scandal with an amused ‘whatevs’, as equine meat is a normal thing to eat elsewhere.

In Japan, horsemeat is used in sushi and this…

Bashashi Aisu: raw horsemeat ice cream

Raw horsemeat ice cream

Image from Surreal, Squirrels & Espresso

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1 Response to Raw horsemeat ice cream (Basashi Aisu)

  1. Shaw Crane-Sundell says:

    Vile …I have never recovered from the fact that the Japanese ate our Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand …this is just disgusting!

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