The Cake Awards: baking trends 2013

Watching The BRITS tonight? Pfft, who cares, when there are proper national awards for cakes?

According to The Cake Awards website, “The Cake Awards are a unique opportunity for large and small businesses to showcase their best products to the most respected figures in the industry including some of the UK’s leading chefs, bakers and experts in the food industry.”

The organisers have helpfully surveyed baking and food industry experts to find out their predictions for 2013 cake trends. Here’s a roundup of my ‘ones to watch’:

·         New takes on doughnuts, including square shaped ones, will be TNBT this year (see the coffee.paper.trend post on 2013 baking trends from last month)

·         Scones are also ones to watch, according to Jason Danciger, Head of Hospitality and Fresh Counters at Marks & Spencer. Look out for interesting flavours.

·         Unusual cake flavours, such as root vegetables like beetroot, carrots and parsnips (remember the post about sweet/savoury cupcakes?

·         The cupcake phenomenon will continue with more diverse flavours. Blah.

·         “Mini cakes will stay in vogue”

·         Unusual flavours including marshmallows, Tonka Beans, candied bacon, Wasabi and Hibiscus.

To launch this year’s Cake Awards, the organisers commissioned a survey which found that most Brits would (unsurprisingly?) choose Mary Berry as their ideal baking companion, beating Paul Hollywood and Nigella Lawson. You can read the Express article about it here.

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Images courtesy of The Cake Awards.

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