Tasty Tuesday: Fried Chicken Shop, Soup Swap

Some interesting foodie ‘ones to watch’:

KFC TV: The Fried Chicken Shop

Channel 4 has announced a one-off documentary on the “nation’s obsession and increasing love of fried chicken” which will have cameras set up in the Roosters Spot flagship shop on Clapham High Street. It’s due to air in February.

“Filmed in one of the UK’s popular fried chicken shops and serving the diverse community of London, it has produced a surprising yet exciting and genuinely illuminating film and tells us the story of Britain today through our voracious appetite for chicken wings.” Emma Cooper, commissioning editor at Channel 4.

You often read about foodie fads, gourmet street food and that type of thing on coffee.paper.trend, but the chicken shop has quickly become a major presence on many high streets, most notably in Greater London (but also on many other streets around the country, too).

The documentary is part of the Cutting Edge series and has been supported by a viral campaign including videos like this:

[Amazing to hear someone else using the word ‘Spesh’!]

Props to Channel 4 and Mentorn Media. Good shout.

The Fried Chicken Shop


Also, have a look at fast food fashion.

One to watch: Soup Swap

Not 100% sure how this works, but it’s an American thing that’s come over to the UK with the first Soup Swap taking place in Edinburgh at The Forest Cafe. It’s where you get together with other people and you all bring six portions of soup. The soup that is most popular wins a prize. Or something like that.  One to watch.

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