PR star of the day: Karl Baxter

Props to Karl Baxter, the owner of Wholesale Clearance UK in Poole, who secured some brilliant national coverage with a very clever story.

Jumping on the back of the Lance Armstrong revelations, he’s managed to get his company some brilliant exposure. He’s set to make a loss on the 10,000 The Science of Lance Armstrong DVDs he hoped to make a quick buck on, but he’s easily recovered the amount in media coverage value.

He’s managed to get the word out that he has this job lot of DVDs with no additional spend, increasing the chances of finding a buyer by about 1,000,000%. He’s also come up with some clever ideas of what could be done with the DVDs (mosaics, etc) – an open invitation to enterprising artists/design companies, etc, to get on board and help him get rid of them.

I’d like to see the spike in traffic to the website, too.

A really clever, free, reactive story, securing great coverage, raising awareness of the brand and the profile of the businessman, whilst probably helping to get rid of 10,000 unwanted DVDs.

Karl Baxter

The Independent

Daily Express

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