Trend: vegetarianism / flexitarianism

Charles Banks, director of food trends agency The Food People, is predicting that vegetarianism is TNBT.

Twenty years ago, vegetarianism was scoffed at. But of late, there has been a seismic shift in attitudes towards celebrating vegetables and opting to eat less meat. We expect meat-free eating and flexitarianism to soon be a mega trend.” he says.

With the current horsemeat scandal and increasing scrutiny of what goes into the food we eat, it’s not a big surprise.

And the imminent success and expansion of the Just Falafel chain is purely coincidence, surely, and more in line with the demand for fast, healthy food on the go…


flexitarians – [great definition from the Guardian] “eat mostly vegetarian meals but make time for a big, juicy steak or a smoked salmon bagel when they feel the urge.” / “vegetarians with benefits”.

vegivore – someone who eats meat, but prefers vegetables

[Both sound the same to me…]



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