More ones to watch 2013

Yesterday’s i had a “Ones to watch out for in 2013” feature which included some new and familiar names.

Here are three that caught my eye.

Aiysha Hart

  • Actress
  • 24
  • ” will be seen next year in Richard Curtis’ new time travel rom-com About Time”
  • “She’s young, beautiful and has a voice that is as delicious in Arabic as it is in English”
  • “[Her]  mother is from Liverpool and whose father is Saudi Arabian, grew up in Surrey.”
  • “She can manage the full gamut of accents from Scouse to Geordie, from French to American.”

Aiysha Hart

Totally Tom

  • Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer
  • Both 25
  • Comedy
  • “Funny and twisted”
  • “one-off film for Sky Atlantic Adventure Venture next month”

Totally Tom

Taiye Selasi

  • Author
  • 31
  • London
  • Ghanaian and Nigerian parents
  • “she publishes her first novel, Ghana Must Go, in April that already trails clouds of glory”
  • “Think Zadie Smith meets Chimamanda Adichie, the crass pitch might go. But her voice is utterly her own.”

Taiye Selasi

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