TNBTs: the stars of 2013 (Red Pages Hot 100) – A to D

The Red Pages Hot100 2013 is out!

The annual list of people to watch out for in the following year is always a good read and correctly picks TNBTs.

Here are coffee.paper.trend’s ones to watch from the list (A-D):

A*M*E – 17, singer, signed to Gary Barlow’s label


Angel Haze – 21, rapper, watch out for a collabo with Azealia Banks (who was on last year’s list) [mention of Angel Haze on an earlier post]

Angel Haze

Arlissa – 20, singer, ‘sound of 2013’ according to The Guardian

Callan McAuliffe – actor, leading role in Baz Luhrmann’s adaption of The Great Gatsby

Callan Mcauliffe

Charli XCX – 20, singing quirkster with a bit of an 80s/90s vibe

Charlie Brown – singer (loads of collabos with top level producers on his debut album)

Daley – singer from Manchester, you probably saw him on Chatty Man with Jessie J


Dexters – East London band…

Dominique Young Unique – 20, rapper

Here are Hot100/’Ones to watch’ posts from the last few years:




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