More cool venders

If you think vending machines are boring and just there to give you crisps or drinks in hospitals, think again.

There are loads of amazing vending machines and coffee.paper.trend has found some more interesting examples. (Click here to see loads more cool ones)

$2 second-hand book lucky dip machine

The Biblio-Mat is a great idea and has a cool design. [Video shows how it actually works – really good, worth a watch]


Posh snacks

Uber-rich, fancypants people who fancy a bit of caviar when they’re out shopping will love this: America’s first caviar vending machines (from Beverly Hills Caviar) have been unveiled at three malls in Los Angeles.

The caviar costs from $50 to $500.

According to the Daily Mail, “It also sells truffles, escargot, bottarga, blinis, oils, Mother of Pearl plates and spoons, gift boxes and gourmet salts.”


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