La comida Latina Americana

Check out this post about Latin American food at Machu Kitchen. The Grocer has also published a report on world cuisine which says that Latin American food is TNBT in the UK.
Have a look at this c.p.t. post from October 2011:

Machu Kitchen

Time Out is one of London’s most influential lifestyle guides. Any sort of recommendation from Time Out, whether you are a restaurant, bar, art gallery or event, can seriously boost your success.

This week Time Out London released the winners of their Eating & Drinking Awards 2012. Amongst the usual categories of Best Cheap Eats, Best New Restaurant and Best No-Bookings Restaurant, this year they included a Best New Latin American Restaurant category.

And so they should include it. After all, in the past year I’ve noticed a serious increase in interest surrounding Latin American food, especially for the new Peruvian restaurants.

Aside from being thrilled that Latin American food has its own category this year, I predicted who the winner might be…

Congratulations toLima London. I’m still yet to grace your tables, but I’m sure the award is deserved.

The runners-up included my beloved Pisco-bar Ceviche

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