Marketing buzzword: SoLoMo

You can’t beat a good marketing buzzword/bit of jargon and the latest one is one of my favourites (a mashup and acronyms and social media shizzle):

SoLoMo: the combination of social, local/location and mobile into one package

You can check out the mobile section of this week’s Marketing (or Brand Republic) to read all about it, but here is a bitesize explanation using quotes directly from the article.

What is it?

SoLoMo is “geographical targeting on smartphones, backed up by the power of peer recommendation and referral”.

An example

American Express adopted SoLoMo for its Small Business Saturday initiative where they “encouraged consumers to support local, small businesses by linking their AmEx card to their Foursquare account and then ‘checking in’ to participating firms in order to get cash-back”.

Each strand of SoLoMo and combinations of all three had our attention for a while now, but it’s good to have a new word to sum it all up, especially as the marketing/comms/PR industries become more confident and innovative with this channel.

(Also, a quick shoutout to NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month)

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