2013 food trends

Quick roundup of the food trend predictions for 2013.

Global street food

Street food from around the world is just going to get more popular (and will hopefully find its way outside of London in a more convincing way).

Churros (remember this post from January?) haven’t become mainstream snack YET. But I have high hopes for 2013.

Intrigued by Korean fried chicken.

Growth of food truck/pop-up trend.

Pop-up eateries

Food companies are set to get more adventurous with their locations.

Canning and pickling


Focus on veg

Local and ‘exotic’ veg is set to become more of a focus for main meals.


Healthy snacks/vitamin water/”diet sensitive dining”…

Not just food, but “environments”.

Child’s play
Child-centric eateries. Sounds like a good idea.


What else can you offer customers, outside of food and drink? Expect to see more places like Pizzateca [Madrid] which offers pizza and books and Look Mum No Hands, a cycle workshop slash cafe.

Sort of related to eatertainment (see previous posts on eatertainment here).


A.K.A. fusion of different cuisines.

Functional food

Food that does stuff.

Mini munch

We’ve already covered mini desserts, but look out for mini versions of everything else, too.

And finally…

Peanut butter burgers


Culinary Visions trend report via USA Today

Beirut Nightlife report on Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival

Ali Morton’s 2013 food trends

Lost in Catering’s UK Restaurant Trends 2013


Huff Post Food

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