I love Mexican food and nachos are one of my favourite snacks.

So it’s great to see food brands getting creative and adding nacho chips to things you wouldn’t expect.

KFC have launched a ‘nacho stacker’ – a burger which has a layer of nachos in it.

Very disappointingly, Baskin-Robbins’ “ice cream” nachos don’t actually contain nachos. These are substituted with waffle and brownie chips. Props for creativity though.

The Independent – ‘Crunch time: why it’s nachos with everything’

I think a cinema snack combining popcorn, nachos and ice cream (served with a big fat Coke) could be TNBT. Time to get my ‘food experimentalist’ hat on. Watch this space.

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1 Response to Nachos+

  1. las artes says:

    mmm…. sounds good. Don’t forget about the mango salsa sundaes from a couple summers ago. That salsa would be a good part of ice cream nachos.

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