Preston Guild 2012 – G-Fest *breaking news*

Big news on the G-Fest front … it’s going to be free for everyone! You no longer need to pay £20-odd for a ticket, which is great. Also, they are going to refund anyone who has paid. Here’s what it says in the press release:

“Wristbands will be available between 10am-1pm on Avenham Park and 5pm-8pm on Preston Flag Market on a strictly first come first served basis. 2 wristbands will be available per person, and under-16s need to be accompanied by an adult. Current ticket holders will be given full priority at the festival. Starting on Monday 10th September, full refunds will be given to everyone who purchased tickets.”

Now the bad news… Dappy will not be performing. Gutted.

The lineup also has a few acts that were tipped as TNBTs on this blog at the end of 2011:


Clement Marfo & The Frontline

Labrinth – (TNBT at the end of 2010)


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